Vintage Levi’s + Vans = True Love For Ever

Ok, so am I the only girl that has a hard time finding and fitting all those cute little vintage cutoff shorts I see online all the time? You know what I’m talking about! I’ll come across the cutest site that offers vintage cutoffs, usually kinda pricey, but when I get them in, they NEVER fit! Problem is, vintage is hard. Who knows how many times they’ve been washed or worn. And by the distress, it looks like many. Thing is, good vintage cutoffs are hard to come by and if you want to try on before you buy, good luck!!

At least that’s what I thought! Let me explain. I recently spent the day with my daughter Drue and we did a little shopping in The District. We came across a store that I instantly fell in love with, Muse Clothing. From the moment I walked in, I knew this would be a store I will now frequent often. The vibe, I’d say is hipster/vintage, which is awesome and needed in Columbia!

Now, I’m the girl who loves a good thrift store. Put me in front of a Goodwill and I’ll see you in two hours. I love searching for that ultimate score that I can work into my wardrobe or revamp to make it my own. But what’s better than actually finding a good pair of old jeans you can cutoff and make cute, you ask?! … finding the perfect pair of vintage Levi cutoffs, perfectly distressed, and to top it off, the perfect fit. Muse Clothing has racks full of REAL vintage distress denim shorts, jeans, AND skirts! They also have great accessories and tops! Be sure to go upstairs and check out their sales too! You won’t be disappointed …




I couldn’t resist to pair my floral Van’s with my new Levi’s! Love, love, love …



These vintage Levi’s weren’t my only find at this gem of a store. I also scored a Valentino denim skirt I can’t wait to feature on here! Yes, I said Valentino! Needless to say, Muse Clothing is my new jam!


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Jeans – Levi’s (Muse Clothing) / Shoes – Vans (Hawaiian Floral)