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With my daughter moving to San Diego for college and my brother-in-law moving out, our house is starting to feel a bit empty. Not that I’m complaining! My husband and I long for the days of grocery shopping for just the two of us and while I did struggle with Drue moving away, the days are getting easier. Thankfully, I have this blog and now two unused rooms in my house I can transform into whatever I desire to keep my mind busy and my heart from empty-nesting.

I have agreed to leave Drue’s room just as it is, for she will be visiting on holiday breaks and summer, but the semi-large room that is now completely empty and screaming ‘do something with me!!,’ it’s up for grabs! It took some convincing since my husband was determined to utilize the space for strictly, beer drinking, old school nintendo tournaments, and guitar jam sessions, but since he currently does all those things in our family room anyway, this room is mine!

As soon as the decision was made my head started designing an office and my heart started designing a closet, so needless to say, this space will be a beautiful combination of both! Pinterest is def my number one go to place for design inspiration and has been for years now. Since interior styling, color consulting, and painting is what I do for a living ( with a side of blogging ) this project will be all the more fun without the boundaries I sometimes have with clients. Here’s a few inspirations I pulled from Pinterest …




FullSizeRender-5 copy

As for my desk area, I’m already sourcing from the Nate Berkus Collection at Target. I just love the decor and supplies he offers!






Shop the accessories here:

Nate BerkusTM File Folders • Household Essentials

Nate BerkusTM Limited Edition Swingline 747 Stapler

Nate BerkusTM Gold Oversized Paper Clips • Household Essentials

Nate BerkusTM Stainless Steel Scissors

Nate BerkusTM Acrylic Rectangle Lamp Base – Gray (Includes CFL Bulb)

Do you have design inspirations you’d like to share with me?! Drop me a line and/or a pic at livebyronni@gmail.com for a chance to be featured here!

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