Ahh, my first post of 2016!! It feels great to be back at it! After taking what felt like a little time off (but in blog years was actually an eternity) to handle a few family affairs like college football visits (Chy), open calls for modeling (Lexie), travels to and from San Diego (Drue), plus not to mention all the holiday stuff going on, I was exhausted!! By the way, much love to my son Kane for being so easy during a time when my other children are so busy! If you follow my Instagram you might have seen that I also managed to fit in a 7 day trip to the Dominican Republic (I’m currently working on that post) right before Christmas. The palm trees, ocean breeze, and relaxing was much needed aanndddd so was the Pina Coladas …

Nevertheless, I returned back to the MidWest to find myself not only the tannest person in town but also the coldest! The temps were low and while everyone else was starting to get used to it, I definitely wasn’t. Coming from 85 degrees and sunny to 20 degrees and gloomy in one day, is not fun at all! But whadda you do?! For the first time this winter, I pulled out my favorite cold weather attire … long coats, scarves, and gloves …







My daughter Drue is in town for the holiday break and happened to be stepping out during my little photo sesh. Here’s a couple pics with her and our little girl Polly …




Shop the look …

Gray H&M Coat

Coach Scout Hobo in Burgundy

Sunnies – Marc Jacobs

Oxfords – Marc Fisher

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