Punta Cana Love.

While I’m sitting here with a serious case of spring fever, I realized I have yet to share my favorite photos from our trip to Punta Cana! A lot of them have been posted to my Instagram, but quite a few have not! Punta Cana was beyond beautiful. The temps were around 85 degrees everyday with usually a shower or two throughout the day. The ocean was amazing, warm, and bright blue with lots of crashing waves. However, the timing of getting into the water was tricky, without perfect timing you could easily get knocked down and carried to shore and have a hard time getting back up … I’m speaking from experience! Anyway, here a some captures from our stay at the beautiful Breathless Resort in Punt Cana, Dominican Republic …


If anyone has questions or would like more information about Breathless and/or our stay in Punta Cana please feel free to comment below … I’d love to help!

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