This particular day was a bit of an adventure. I was kinda sorta bummed that everyone I know (but not in real life) was at Coachella … aaaannnd, I was not. The only way to cope with the fact that I wasn’t there was to at least dress the part, so I did! I spent my Sunday scrolling through Instagram wishing I was a part of the festival and wearing my cute little outfit. My husband, who’s super awesome btw suggested we do an impromptu photo shoot. Since this time it was his idea, he was given full control on location, style, pics etc. I love how the pictures turned out and how I can sense his masculinity in them. He chose places I never would’ve thought of! Literally, we would drive past an alley and jump out of the car to take pictures! His creativity made this day and these photos extra special.

The outfit is a collection of older pieces in my closet so I’m unable to link the exact items. However, I will do my best to get you looking just the way I did on this super fun day …

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Rt Signature Large Final White