Say Hello To Sexy Legs.

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I first want to start out by saying I was not asked to write a review of this product here on Live By Ronni. Only to try it out and post on Insta ONLY if I liked it. Well, I f’ing LOVE it!! So much so,  that I feel compelled to tell EVERYONE I know about it and this includes you!

I’ve used many “self tanners” over the years and have yet to find anything that comes close to Say Hello To Sexy Legs. This uh-mazing product is the bomb, let me tell you why …

First of all, they clearly say on the packaging that this is NOT a self tanner and I have to say I agree! All the self tanners I’ve ever applied, expensive and inexpensive always take forever to dry. For me, this is a big deal. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a self tanner on that advertised a short drying time, never true! There always seems to be a left over sticky feel, literally taking hours to dry and if I choose to apply at night to save time in the morning, I usually wake up to weird lines and creases in random places, probably due to the position I slept. Say Hello To Sexy Legs advertises 3-5 minutes to dry and they mean it! The product, a Tinted Glow Gel, not really a lotion, foam, or spray, goes on smooth, absorbs quick, and dries FAST! I LOVE IT!! It’s a one time use and easily washes off your hands leaving no traces of any color.Oh and speaking the color, it’s perfect! Because it’s not a self tanner and only a tinted gel, it works with any skin tone which really eleviates the risks of buying the wrong tone. I also want to add that I have sensitive skin. As part of prep before I apply self tanners I always shave and exfoliate. It never fails that once I apply the ST I always breakout, leaving ugly red bumps and causing the dark lotion to settle on hair follicles, not a cute look. This is sooooo not the case when Say Hello To Sexy Legs was applied. The outcome was perfection.

Ok so, that’s all the technicals about the product that I’m impressed with, lets talk a little about the appearance. Besides it being shipped and arriving in record timing, the packaging is absolutely adorable, and to me, that matters! My absolute favorite part about this product is the Leg Highlighter! I love pretty much any bronzer and/or highlighter and having one specifically for your legs is awesome!! Especially this highlighter! It’s creamy and almost a pinkish sparkle, it’s beautiful. Once you’re done highlighting your legs you HAVE to use the contour stick. It’s perfect for contouring your calve and thigh muscles. My legs have never looked more amazing!

If you’re like me and love to keep a glowing tan through these cold winter months you have to try Say Hello To Sexy Legs!! Currently being sold in Sephora :)

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