Sun-kissed Makeup.

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I’m not a girl who likes to wear too much makeup and what might seem like too much to me may seem like not much at all to others! I typically don’t do foundation and when I do apply something like that to my face it’s usually a tinted BB Cream, which for me feels light and not cakey at all. I also tend to gravitate more towards a nude and neutral color palette. I really love bronzers and highlighters that allow my face to look more sun-kissed rather than completely covered. Above are some of my favorites I love to wear, especially throughout these warmer seasons. Checkem’ out! <3

Nail Polish: Essie / Brow Lift Kit: Charlotte Tilbury / Powder: Dolce and Gabbana / Eyeshadow Palette: Too Faced / Beached Bronzer: Urban Decay / Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury / Highlighting Powder: Bobbi Brown