Hello, 2018.


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Well, hello 2018! I know I’m a day late into the new year however, Jan 1st was NOT good to me, not good at all.  I’m unsure if the three mimosa’s I had within a 4 1/2 hour time span really did me in or if the impeccable timing of flu season that hit me right at 10 p.m. but unfortunately, I rang the new year in with my head in a trashcan fighting a volatile puking sesh. I laid around all day yesterday feeling like absolute garbage and finally managed to get a descent nights sleep! Nevertheless, I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and back to my normal self, ready to conquer the new year!

As I mentioned last week in one of my instagram posts, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. As most people begin a new year, we try to focus on what works in our life and what doesn’t. I’ve been doing this blogging thing now for almost three years, starting very slowly and then maintaining that slowness for the first year and a half. It wasn’t until my family and I moved to San Diego before I started taking it more serious and focusing on collaborations and such. 2017 was good to me. I’ve met some really great people, worked with some brands I’ve admired for years, and also, some new brands I had the privilege of helping market their products! For me, these were all accomplishments I had wanted to achieve since the beginning, and for that, I am grateful. I think what I’ve been missing lately in my blogging and social media is authenticity. When I first started blogging I looked at it as a way for me to express who am and what I love, which is fashion, but, it’s become apparent to me that there’s so much more to my life than what outfit I’ve put on that day for a quick photo shoot. Many of you who follow me on social media don’t really know my story, my age, or the fact that I have four amazing kids! I’ve been a mother for twenty-one years and have always focused the majority of my attention on my kids. Doing anything and everything possible to help them accomplish their dreams, and somewhere along the way, I lost myself. Live By Ronni was meant to be my way of dedicating just one small thing to me but in the midst of it all I’ve realized that who I really am is a wife, a mother, a business owner, a woman with not only a sense of style but also a voice. More often than not, I read and follow bloggers who are in their twenties or maybe early thirties who have or have just given birth to adorable babies they can dress up and blog about all the cute things they do and wear. All their milestones are documented for us to have heart eyes over because, I mean, who doesn’t love a picture of a cute baby, but honestly, it’s become hard to relate. Where are the women like me? The young mother’s from the nineties? The moms who maybe made the choice to settle for a job to make ends meet and provide for a family and is now finally getting their stride back? The moms who have sacrificed their dreams in hopes to help their children achieve theirs? Are we a rare breed? Is there anyone out there like me? … I don’t know, but I guess we’ll see …

This year the game has changed and instead of staying in my comfort zone of minimal writing of blog posts and random outfit descriptions, Live By Ronni is going to be a true reflection of the name itself, which is my life, all of it. All the ups and downs of raising older children (trust me, it’s far harder than you think), lots of traveling, lots of love, and of course doing it all in style!

So, here’s to the New Year and to inspiring people like me, who may have lost their way for a while … welcome the fuck back. Cheers!





  1. That my dear friend was absolutely the best thing i have read by you!!! I guess because it hits home, ME I am thay woman too,my hearts throbbing with excitement for you and what your on right now,muah!!
    Much LOVE

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