Winter Wardrobe Transitioning Tips.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hey, guys! So spring is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me you’ve already started rummaging through your closet pulling your favorite winter pieces in hopes of styling them for spring. Oh you haven’t? Ok, well let me give you a few tips for doing just that!

First of all, keep your pants on! I love how easily a fall/winter pant can transition to warmer months simply by changing your shoes. In the fall I wore these pants (above) with an oxford. In the winter I wore them with booties. For the spring I’ll wear them with a short heel (like above) and in the summer I’ll wear them with a t-shirt and flip-flops. <3

Second, sweaters! Don’t puttem’ away yet! Especially here on the west coast when the temps drop in the evenings or when the sun disappears behind the clouds, you’ll definitely want something to throw on. It’s totally acceptable to wear big comfy sweaters with cute denim cutoffs! Just one of the many reasons I love living in San Diego. <3

Third, scarves! I know sounds a little crazy and obviously not all scarves will work but a lot will! Let me give you a couple of examples: When the weather starts warming up and I feel as though I can wear a tank top during the sunny days a lot of times I like to keep a scarf in my bag so I can drape it over my shoulders like a shawl. Much easier to put on and take off and also easier than a sweater or jacket to stash in a purse with the suns out to play. Also I love using my smaller, thinner, scarves as a head wrap! Scarves are literally one of the most versatile accessories you can own, don’t be afraid to get creative! <3

Fourth, mix it up! Start pairing those flirty, floral spring dresses with your fall / winter jackets. I love wearing a floral, whimsy, bohemian style dress and then draping a leather moto jacket or a denim jacket over my shoulders! It’s literally the best way to start introducing your spring wardrobe into these sometimesy , weird weather temps!

My last tip of this post is to be yourself! You’re in charge of who you are and what you wear! Which basically means that the one major rule to transitioning your fall / winter wardrobe to spring / summer months is, there are no rules! Take it from a person who loves the “wtf is she wearing moments”, always be yourself <3

Top: Target / Pants: H&M (ON SALE!!!) / Shoes: Betsey Johnson / Sunnies: Celine