The Oldest & The Baby.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 7.50.18 AM.png

Sometimes I can’t believe how time has flown by. I look at this picture and I feel so much pride and yet I also feel a touch of sadness. My oldest Drue, now 21 and my youngest Kane, who’s turning 16 soon, are shown in the picture above. While Kane acts more like his older sister Lexie, and has similar interests to his older brother Chy, he and Drue definitely favor each other looks wise! From the moment Kane was born, Drue has babied him and pretty much took the role of the older sister who would let him get away with anything. I guess it’s the 5 1/2 year age difference.  I always thought it was so cute how she would take care of him and carry him around. When others siblings may have picked on him (as siblings do) she was there to hangout with him, assuring without words that he was loved. As, they get older Drue will be the easy going sister that introduces him to all the things a parent worries about, going out, bar hopping, college parties, etc.. I’m not really looking forward to that part! But each of my four kids have a special bond with each other and each are in different ways. As time goes on I’ll share a little more about their connections and how this family fully works but until then I’ll just stare at this picture and wonder where the time has gone. <3

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