With Awareness, Reality Shifts.

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Today feels sad. Not one, but two … in one week. The heaviness that lingers in the knowing and unknowing of what one is going through, their minds in their darkest moments is now front and center and can no longer be ignored.  People of success can be tortured too and if any lesson is learned from the passings of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain and many others, is that depression does not discriminate. I have friends and family who I watch suffer at the thought of giving into a life they no longer want and as I sit back and painfully watch them self destruct I wonder when I’ll get that phone call. As human beings filled with love it’s our duty to keep a watchful eye, to listen, and let the people who matter to us, not go a day without them knowing how much they’re loved and appreciated. I know my eyes are now wide open, as well as my heart. ❤

After much contemplating I decided to post the above pictures with this message I’m trying to send out. As I was speaking with my daughter yesterday and we were talking about the unfortunate passing of Kate Spade it was mentioned how without even realizing, we too were depressed before we moved to San Diego. Obviously, it wasn’t as severe, but it’s like you don’t even realize until you take yourself out of the situation your in and you notice your heart feels enlightened and full. For me, I needed the ocean. I needed a different way of life, a change, diversity, culture. I feel grateful because I have a family who was feeling the same way, who each supported one another to make the move and not fear change. So many others feel stuck in their lives and over time that can lead to depression. I speak from experience when I say stop, take a deep breath, and talk to someone. It’s ok to feel however you are, feel hard, dig deep … just don’t get stuck there. ❤

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4 thoughts on “With Awareness, Reality Shifts.

  1. There are different types of depression. When you have situational depression, you know it can get better. Meaning when someone goes into depression because of a divorce, or a death, etc. but when it is clinical depression, when there is a chemical imbalance in your brain and no ocean or person can make it better, that’s what is scary. When someone is paralyzed and needs a wheelchair for the rest of their life, you can see it and you know they have a disability. When someone has clinical depression, you can’t physically see anything is wrong. So many treat people with depression different. They don’t see it as a sickness. But it is. Like cancer. It is a horrible sickness. And it requires seeing a doctor, therapist, getting help. There needs to be more awareness about this type of depression. If anyone says they use to have depression, it was likely situational depression. Because people with a chemical imbalance suffer hard and long. If we don’t have it, we may never understand it.

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more! and yes, I’m aware there are several different types of depression, with many being undetectable. The purpose of this post wasn’t to single out a specific form of depression but to open the conversation of awareness for every type of. I believe that at some point there will be some sort of indication that one may be going through some dark times, whether that is situational depression or a chemical imbalance, clinical depression, etc .. and while we ourselves may not be capable of curing a persons depression with a visit to the ocean alone, I do think we can communicate, listen, and open doors to medical treatment if need be. Bottom line is, we need to start checking on our people, even the strong ones. I hope you find peace in whatever it is you may be going through. Depression whether in ourselves or the ones we love is difficult. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ❤


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