I didn’t plan on featuring Jaxon in this blog post but I got the hint when he made it clear he was photo shoot worthy by striking a pose when the opportunity came! Jaxon’s real name is Action Jaxon Thorpe, but typically goes by Jaxon, Jackie, or in the most endearing scenarios Sweetie Petey <3

We saved Jaxon from a rescue shelter a little over 7 years ago when he was only 2 years old. He was the sweetest and best behaved little cutie and I soon as I saw him I knew he had to come home with me. With very little convincing to my husband, Jaxon became a Thorpe within a couple of days <3

Like most pets, Jaxon has a few quirks about him that makes him super adored by our entire family 1.) Every morning he goes outside on the back patio to a specific chair and enjoys the ocean breeze while soaking up the gorgeous SoCal sun 2.) When he’s excited he howls/sings in the obnoxious, screeching way that I’m sure makes our neighbors hate us 3.) He’s super protective of our family! He’s lovable and social when out and about, however, if he’s at home, he’s definitely standing guard! 4.) He loves chasing lizards and eating flies (gross) and 5.) He’s super cuddly and affectionate! Always wanting to be cradled like a baby, which we do all the time <3

Rescuing a pup from your local humane society is one of the most rewarding, selfless acts! Visit your local pound today or make a donation by visiting the website HERE!

Top: Roxy (similar) / Skirt: Roxy (found in store) / Shoes: Vans 



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